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Episode 137 – Classic Women

In which I discuss some of the women of classic television and the legacy they left behind.

Episode 137 – Classic Women


Music by: That Irish Guy 

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Episode 133 – Manly Feminists

In which I discuss a checklist of ways to be a better feminist (as a man) and why it pissed off some idiots on the internet.

Episode 133 – Manly Feminists

35 Practical Steps Men can Take to Support Feminism

Music by: Destrier

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Episode 131 – Creepy Kids


In which I discuss my own fear of children, and several movies/books that back me up.

Episode 131 – Creepy Kids


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Music by Eyes to Earth

Episode 130 – Entitled to Sex

In which I discuss the California shooting and it’s repercussions.

Episode 130 – Entitled to Sex

Episode 121 – Toxicity

In which I discuss how to identify toxic people and why it’s important to walk away.

Episode 121 – Toxicity

Episode 119 – Sexy School Girls

In which I discuss the Duke University Student who became a porn star, and why I respect her so much.

Episode 119 – Sexy School Girls

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Episode 107 – Dual Topics

This week I discuss two very different topics – Affluenza and Birth Control for men.

Episode 107 – Dual Topics

Ethan Couch Kills 4, walks away with Probation
Co-Author of the Book Affluenza discusses the term’s use
Male Birth Control Pill developed for Mice
Featured Music The Devils of Loudun
Produced by Jades Pain